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Woo, first intro-y post. Want to know more about me then check out my userinfo, yo.

And decided to do some reviewing while I was at it, because I've got absolutely nothing else to do and I'm sick, so I need something to keep me entertained. Obviously.

4th Gear

A four-piece pop-punk/emo band from small-town Illinois. [Josh, Anthony, Jamie, Joe]

Classed as (purevolume.com): Pop punk / Emo / Acoustic
Sounds like: Personally, I think they sound like a mix of New Found Glory (the cute, emo, sort-of nasal-y vocals) and the All-American Rejects (the way they lay out their music and the song-style - soft intro into an explosive chorus). "Change Of Heart / Baller" is one of their newest songs, the lyrics are pretty and full of an angsty soft sort of hopefulness that will make you smile.
Rating: 8/10


Catchy pop-punk four-piece from Kansas City. [Caleb, Matt, Spencer, Beau]

Classed as (purevolume.com): Pop / Rock / Emo
Sounds like: Definately catchy. The first song I heard from these talented dudes was "Smell The Rejection" and within the first thirty seconds I knew they'd be a fast favourite for me. The catchy lyrics, vocals and guitar riffs will have you hooked faster than you can say "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore"! Abbington is definately reminiscent of All-American Rejects, the vocalist sounding (to me, at least) like a mix of Tyson Ritter (AAR's vocalist) and Conor Oberst (of Bright Eyes). And the story of their name? They saw it on the side of a warehouse.
Rating: 9/10

Absinthe Glow

Mellow make-you-smile two-piece acoustic-indie band from California. [Scott, Bill]

Classed as (purevolume.com): Acoustic / Emo / Indie
Sounds like: Actually, I don't think I've heard anything like Absinthe Glow before, but I suspect it might just be my listening tendancies (I tend to lean towards upbeat pop-punk), so these guys definately brought me an appreciation for something new. Absinthe Glow has a mellow, nostalgic feel from what I've heard so far. Everything about them is soft, from the acoustic guitar chords to the lyrics to the vocalist's voice. I think they'd be brilliant for a chill out/down time, but personally, I'd pop their CD into my stereo if I was particularly down, because no matter how sad a song is, if it's good, I'll smile. And these are definately smile-worthy tunes.
Rating: 9/10

Backseat Goodbye

Chad Sugg's one-piece from Murfeesboro, TN.

Classed as (purevolume.com): Acoustic / Emo / Indie
Sounds like: Conor Oberst / Bright Eyes. The mellow, angsty lyrics and music remind me much of Bright Eyes. Chad's music is pretty overall, but the lyrics are what gets you. The way the lyrics mix with the unassuming acoustic guitar will either make you smile or cry, but both reactions would be positive. It takes a few songs but after that you're trapped, because I can promise you now, Backseat Goodbye will grow on you.
Rating: 6/10


Five-piece power-pop/punk band from NY. [Nick, Jeff, Ryan, Neal, Matt]

Classed as (purevolume.com): Pop / Punk / Rock
Sounds like: Sum 41 mashed with The Starting Line then crammed into a blender with the likes of Busted, Eve 6 and Sugarcult. But it's good! Bensin is catchy and are very reminiscent of Sum 41 with their quickshot vocals and the bouncy, crack-you-in-the-jaw guitar, bass and drums. They hit you hard and fast with "Let Go" and take you down screaming with "Crash Down".
Rating: 10/10

Chosen X

Angst-ridden five-piece punk-rock band from Florida. [Dan, Rob, Jared, Josh, Jesse]

Classed as (purevolume.com): Punk / Rock / Emo
Sounds like: Sort-of like Blink 182 mixed up with Linkin Park and... Yellowcard? Operation Ivy? Rancid? It's hard to say. It took me a couple of songs to really take them seriously, to tell the truth. I immediately fell for "More To Life Than You" and "A Few More Days" while flicking through the playlist on PureVol. The lyrics are very "emo", a lot of the songs giving off the feel of a recent bitter break-up, but the music is very loud and in-your-face-bouncy.
Rating: 5/10

That's it for now, dearies.

♥ Dillon.
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