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I'm Ash, dubbed by Dillon as the Co-Reviewer bitch.

Perhaps I added the last part on, but who cares.

Two Hour Parking

A three person band from Derry, NH (Jake, Nicole and Jeff)

Classed As: Rock/Pop Punk
Sounds Like: Fall Out Boy and Yellowcard, but with a female singer. The lyrics are simplistic, yet can get bland, and Nicole [vocalist] has a small range, going between at most, an octave (8 notes) in the song Staring At The Ceiling. The guitaring and bass is beautiful, but the drumming is also simplistic. Two Hour Parking are a band with simple music, yet it's catchy.
Rating: 6/10

Black Box Recorder

A three person band from Britain (Sarah, Luke, John)

Classed As: Limewire Music Downloader classed them as Pop/Alternative.
Sounds Like: They've an original sound, to be honest. My favourite songs have to be Child Psychology, Sex Life, Andrew Ridgley and Swinging. Sarah [vocalist] has a fresh voice, which she uses to both speak and whisper and to sing. A synthesized glockenspiel is often used also.

Black Box Recorder, I would have to say, is a pure lyric band. With lyrics such as:

The November Day I came home
The Christmas decorations were already up
Spray-on snow,
Coloured flashing lights,
And an artificial tree that played 'Silent Night'
Over and over again - Child Psychology

I want to be the new Diana
Lying on a yacht reading
Photo magazines
I want to be the new Diana
Visiting the shore occasionally - The New Diana

how can you disagree?
Rating: 7/10
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